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When you become part of our TRY Community, you're not just a client, you're a partner. Our passion and pride is helping your company achieve its greatest goals. 


We partner with companies who believe in change, embrace their mission and empower their employees to be their very best, and walk with them every step of the way.


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-Jeniah Jones, Professor, Florida State College at Jacksonville

"Few people exhibit the energy, passion, and drive of Dr. Mary Lee Cunill. Dr. Cunill's penchant for problem solving, as opposed to problem stating or problem complaining, is the main thing that first drew me to her. Dr. Cunill is a woman of action, innovation, motivation, and determination. She proves her value to those around her time and again. She is indeed an asset to anyone who is able to work with her."


-Kevin S.,

Associate Plaza Producer


"After spending time with Mary Lee, I felt heard. I felt valued, encouraged, and supported. Mary Lee’s empathetic listening and intrinsic warmth create a productive atmosphere for exploration—exploration of identity, relationships, conflict, etc. Her attention to detail makes her an expert communicator."


- Ciera Swann, Loan Services Manager

"I learned so much from my time with Mary Lee. She presents information in a clear and precise way that is fun and easily applied to everyday life. I am constantly using techniques and tools I learned from working with her. She has a huge heart and truly cares that people are learning and getting something beneficial from their time with her. I’m pretty sure the knowledge I gained from Mary Lee is a big part of how I’m now one of the youngest managers at my company."


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