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Employees are humans with complex passions, motivations, and desires.

Try Communication works with corporations to nurture inclusion by strengthening one-on-one relationships and empowering employees to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that they love.


With over 20 years immersed in the study of human psychology and communication.

Try Communication uses evidence-based programming to build healthy, trust based interpersonal relationships within your organization. These become the foundation to increase honesty, transparency, and a safe environment that promotes innovation and proactively addresses challenges.

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Dr. Mary Lee Cunill

Dr. Mary Lee Cunill is a Professor of Communication at Florida State College at Jacksonville and the Owner of Try Communication. In 2009, she spent a year serving in Australia on a nine-member Vaudeville style traveling group tasked with promoting positive self-concept to young people. The team stayed in host homes, worked with a new group of high school students each day, and regularly supported those around them to push beyond their comfort zones. This experience led Mary Lee to shift her life’s focus toward helping others find purpose and meaning through becoming effective communicators.

After returning from Oz, she completed her doctorate at the University of Georgia in Interpersonal and Health Communication with a focus in studying intercultural communication and communication theory before moving to Jacksonville in 2015. She provides her students a toolkit to achieve a growth mindset, value interpersonal diversity, and to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Mary Lee loves supporting people to share their stories. In 2018, she started her coaching and consulting company: Try Communication. Try Communication uses engaging, interactive, and self-reflective workshops to educate corporations on cutting-edge inclusion and equity initiatives. The focus of the company is on progress over perfection; we provide the education and support, if you are only willing to “Try.” Dr. Cunill is passionate about helping people see and actualize their potential, especially in the service of others and for improving our corner of the world in which we live. 

In addition to her PhD in Interpersonal and Health Communication, Dr. Cunill earned her Masters in Integrated Marketing and Management Communication and her Bachelors in Organizational Communication. Her area of focus is the effect of diversity on our one-on-one interactions. She has 20 years of experience in the field of communication, 15 years in teaching and training, and has lived in and traveled to over 22 different countries.


Her education, experience, and passion are in studying human dynamics. Her greatest joy is supporting individuals in understanding themselves, embracing their unique strengths, and maximizing their potential.


We partner and support HR Professionals in Developing and Creating Sustainable Equity and Inclusion Programs.


Increase workplace engagement, productivity, and profitability by building an inclusive environment that uses synergy to enhance each employee’s value.


We value communication training held within cultivated safe spaces that facilitate empathy toward self and others. Through cultivating the space to try, make mistakes, learn from them, change, and grow, companies inherently become more innovative, alive, and profitable.


We value building relationships between management and employees that empowers employees to create and live their best life, such that they bring their best, most productive, and profitable self to work.


We advocate for innovative approaches to accessing, engaging and maximizing human potential.

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