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What is coaching?

A coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. 

The answers you seek are already within you.  Coaching helps you discover how and where to find those answers and determine how you want to act on them. Coaching can help you develop skills, build confidence, and tackle challenges proactively.  Make the choice to turn your ideas into actions and start on your path to creating the future you envision. 

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Dr. Mary Lee Cunill

Dr. Cunill is passionate about helping people see and actualize their potential, especially in the service of others and for improving our corner of the world in which we live.  ​With over 20 years immersed in the study of human psychology and communication, she loves partnering with clients to create a life they love. She is a Professor of Communication at FSCJ and the Owner of Try Communication. Her education, experience, and passion are in studying human dynamics. Her greatest joy is supporting individuals in understanding themselves, embracing their unique strengths, and maximizing their potential.


Andrea Haas

Andrea provides her clients the kind of personal transformation she has experienced, with an integrated set of tools, professional coaching, and shamanic energy medicine for a more rapid metamorphosis to easier living and wellbeing. Andrea combines her years of corporate, consulting, tech industry start-ups, and entrepreneur experience with her lifelong learning of meditation, mindfulness, Kundalini Yoga and shamanic energy medicine to help people of all walks of life become professionally and personally more effective and fulfilled.

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Laurie Higgins

Laurie loves coaching - helping people bring forth their best selves. In her software development and management career, Laurie was successful solving problems, producing products, and developing great people.  Her style of working and leading is collaborative with a strong component of mentoring and coaching. She enjoys helping people bring forth their best selves. As a certified coach, She will partner with you as you turn your ideas into manageable, continuing actions and start on your path to creating the future you envision. Live a life you design.

Jan Lipsky 2 FINAL.jpeg

Jan Lipsky

 Jan excels in developing exceptional leadership teams, identifying and accelerating the development of mid-level talent for promotional opportunities and succession planning.  She has been a sounding board for CEOs and an advisor to top executives on change management, communication and team development/team building.   Jan served as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for St. Vincent’s HealthCare, Jacksonville, Florida for 15 years, with responsibilities for leadership development, human resources, training and organizational development.

The four coaches above are certified Equilibrium coaches through

Envision Evolution and are currently seeking their ACC certification through the International Coaching Federation.

As part of completing their certification, coaches must record their sessions and share with a mentor. Coaching provides confidentiality. No one other than the coach and the mentor coach will have access to the recordings. The recording is used for the mentor to provide the coach feedback, and they will be destroyed after use.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you may schedule up to 6 no-cost sessions in exchange for:
(1) allowing the coach to use your session for training;
(2) providing a review of your experience;
(3) share your email address to receive ongoing communication from your coach. 

You may coach with any combination of coaches you desire.

Please see a short bio for each coach, and you may also click on their image to explore their website for more information. Schedule with whoever you feel best fits your needs by clicking on the button below their name. 

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